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Welding Engineering & Testing


Welding is a complex process, involving chemistry, metallurgy, thermodynamics, residual stresses, economics and safety. RTL’s staff consist of welding engineers and AWS Certified Welding Inspectors that have the experience and expertise to support our clients in developing welding and repair procedures and preparing welding procedure specifications (WPSs) or reviewing existing ones to ensure compliance to existing codes, standards, specifications an client’s specific requirements.

RTL’s welding experts are experienced in all aspects of fabrication, welding, repair and service life of components and a wide range of applications in both ferrous and nonferrous alloys from subsea to space and all industries between. Our welding experts are involved in many of the standardization committees and their skills have often proved crucial in providing clarification on the intent of clauses within the various welding codes, standards and specifications. RTL is committed to staying up-to-date with technological advancements in the welding industry and our welding experts have published numerous welding related publications in major journals and proceedings, hold international patent in welding processes and are highly sought-out for speaking engagements.

RTL is experienced in the design and documentation of welding procedures for all applications. Our welding experts will, as a minimum: 

  • Preparation/review of Welding Procedures or Qualifications

  • Address compliance with applicable code, standard, specification, or client’s specific requirements

  • Discuss potential material selection issues

  • Discuss potential heat treatment issues

  • Discuss potential corrosion issues

  • Discuss potential welding metallurgical Issues

  • Perform failure analysis, when required

  • Provide as needed, consulting services to address all your welding-related needs

Our reports are comprehensive, well organized, easily read and provide all the data needed to meet the most stringent requirements.


The ability to join two materials together is essential to industry and is utilized in some capacity by nearly all industries. The cost of welding is directly correlated to the quality of the weld; therefore, a weld with a slight crack or an improper weld procedure can have disastrous consequences. Having the ability to evaluate a weld’s physical aspects along with the microstructure of the weld can facilitate the evaluation of weld quality.

Should there be weld failures RTL can conduct root cause failure analysis to determine the cause of failure and in many cases make suggestions to prevent failures in the future.


Weld repairs of parts and components are a major activity in any industry and should be performed using a procedure that ensures the part or component can be safely returned to its intended service. Successful repair welding involves following a logical sequence to make sure all code requirements, contractual requirements or any statutory/regulatory requirements are complied with. No matter your needs, from a mock-up to a complex weld repair procedure qualification, RTL has the staff and experienced staff to document and test the weld repair procedure.


Welding is complex, regardless of the project’s scope, as is often noted “The way welding goes is the way the project goes”. RTL’s goal as a consultant is to partner with you to help reduce costs, augment staff or free up your experts to concentrate on activities critical to the project.

Staying up-to-date with emerging technology or navigating through the complex, often interconnected, sets of Codes, Standards, and Specifications can be difficult and time-consuming. RTL’s staff provides the assurance that welding solutions presented are code compliant and are integrated with proven emerging technology to deliver efficient, profitable, code-compliant solutions that contribute to the project’s success.


To ensure compliance with various national and international codes, standards and specifications RTL’s uses only experienced American Welding Society’s Certified Welding Inspectors (CWIs) for monitoring and recording test data. Our CWIs are efficient and professional, they maintain their integrity by reporting data in an ethical and honest manner. Their goal is providing the highest level of quality reports that are comprehensive, accurate and punctual.


RTL offers formal welder qualification testing to a wide range of national and international codes, standards and specifications which are often integrated into client’s specific requirements for all welding processes on a wide range of ferrous and nonferrous materials.

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